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Consulting & Advisory Services

We provide customers with management and consulting support to help them design their transportation and logistics solutions. Arrow can help by brokering shipments, evaluating freight solutions, negotiating shipping contracts and building turnkey private fleet solutions.

Turn-key Solutions

We supply labour, facilities, operating capital, support services and management to meet all of your transportation or distribution needs. We offer all types of transportation services, and have done so for more than 95 years.

Product Brokering

We use our extensive array of contacts in the transportation industry to provide services to customers. At times, a dedicated solution in itself is not enough to minimize the overall transportation cost, and thus external support needs to be sourced. Arrow works with customers to find the best overall mix of services specific to the situation.

Private Fleets

In some instances, it makes sense for a customer to provide their own operating capital and brand the fleet solution under their own corporate banner. Arrow will provide all the services needed for such turnkey solutions.

Logistics Management

When the freight management solution is highly complex, customers often benefit by engaging a partner in the logistics management process. A logistics cycle encompasses all activities from raw material procurement, finished goods management, inventory management, product shipment and replenishment. Arrow supports customers in the design and management of logistics solutions across a variety of applications.

Consulting & Advisory Services

We provide consulting services to customers nationally and internationally on a variety of shipping and materials management issues. We also develop transportation reviews for mine or plant feasibility and funding support proposals. We work with government agencies and develop stakeholder reviews on customer specific issues.

We design complete transportation programs to be included in the transportation tender process, and assist in the evaluation and selection of service providers in a wide spectrum of businesses.

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