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Portland TFR

Union Pacific Transload Services

2600 North Going
Portland, Oregon
USA, 97217
Ops Supervisor: Suzie McCausland
Phone: 503-735-1100


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Track ID#745/746
Facility Size13 Acres
Warehouse60 ft x 980 ft
Railcar Spots25
Equipment22,000 lb Capacity Forklifts
Delivering CarrierUnion Pacific Distribution Services
Unloading and Loading CapabilitiesBoxcars, Flatcars, Gondolas, Bulk Cars, Tankers, Trucks, Containers and Dry Vans
Trucking ServicesMaxis, Tridems and Tandems
Value AddedCustom Handling and Inventory Management, Management of Railcar Tracking, EDI Billing Half Packing, Trim Saw
Products HandledSteel, Lumber, Building Materials
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