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Affiliated Companies

Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc.

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On-board computer systems together with sophisticated fleet management technology reduce costs while increasing vehicle efficiency. Streamline Transportation Technologies designs and produces hardware and software for the transportation industry. All Arrow trucks are outfitted with Streamline’s industry-leading technology providing the most efficient transportation services to customers.

Streamline Transportation Technologies offers inventory solutions and a variety of back-office software to meet clients’ transportation needs. Visit Streamline Transportation Technologies to modernize your transportation fleet.


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NutriGrow is a natural organic manufactured topsoil (growing medium).  The nutrients and organic matter in NutriGrow add important slow-releasing nutrients to landscape beds and planting areas while helping to retain moisture and conserve water use. NutriGrow is an ideal medium for most landscape applications including, but not limited to boulevards, athletic fields, road side remediation and planting areas. It is an excellent substitute for manure and peat moss.

Arrow Marine Services

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Arrow Marine provides services to BC’s maritime community through our operation based on Mitchell Island in Richmond, British Columbia. Operating one of the largest travel lifts in use in the province, Arrow Marine provides repair and maintenance services to individuals and fleets from around the province.

Arrow / Tahltan Joint Venture Company

tahltan door logoArrow has a partnership with the Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) to provide land-based transportation solutions for customers that move products through or within the Tahltan tradi
tional territory in northwestern British Columbia.

Arrow / SSN Joint Venture Company

arrow ssnArrow has established a joint venture partnership with the Kamloops and Skeetchesen bands to transport copper concentrate from the New Gold mine, located near Kamloops, British Columbia, to wharves in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

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